How do I earn Blitsy points?

You can earn Blitsy points via our Loyalty Program or by referring others to Blitsy!

Earning points via loyalty program: When you sign up for an account on, as of April 19, 2017, you are automatically opting into our loyalty program. Prior to this date, you would have had to manually opt-in to this program. With the Loyalty Program, for every purchase you make on Blitsy, you'll get 1% back in points to be used on a future purchase.

Click here to read about Blitsy’s loyalty program!

Rules: Points expire after 180 days without qualifying purchase behavior. Points equal 1% of your gross purchase price, excluding applicable tax and shipping costs. We are unable to credit past purchases prior to opting into the loyalty program.

Earnings points via referrals: You can easily earn 1,000 Blitsy points ($10 USD) by referring your friends to! When your friend or family member makes their first purchase after clicking on your special referral link found on the page below, 1,000 Blitsy points will be applied automatically to your account.

Click here to start earning!

You can view your points under Rewards or while you are viewing your shopping cart. While in the Shopping Cart, you will see a sliding bar that reads "Reward Points" - this is what you use to apply your points.

*Please note that Blitsy points can only be used toward the subtotal of your order and will not affect shipping prices.

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